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LC Push-Pull Uniboot Connector
A Uniboot connector that come with a Push-Pull tab, which can be used in a high density environment. Comparing to the conventional duplex connector, the design is more compact, as well as just one cable was used, which help to improve the hot air flow in a high density and a crowed environment. HYC did an unique and a patented design to reach in a highest density in the industry;







▪ The push-pull design ensure easier release from HD environment
▪ Avoid cable twine together
▪ Easy polarity revisable
▪ PC/APC and Various color available
▪ Applied to 1.2~2.5mm cable
▪ Customized Logo is optional
▪ IEC61754-20 and GR-326-Core complaint
▪ RoHS/REACH&UL94-V0 inflammability complaint

▪ Telecom network 

▪ Ethernet network 

▪ Optical communication equipment

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