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MPO 16C&32C connector
MPO connector comes with multifiber applies to high density in data center or telecommunication systems. It depends on the high precision metal guide pin and the high precision ferrule pin hole to ensure the optical alignment. It’s comes with SM, MM,MMLL,16C,32C, high force spring for your choice.
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▪ An independent push-pull tab for option
▪ Patented push-pull tab
▪ Oval spring
▪ Many colors for option
▪ High density application
▪ Applies to 3.6mm round cable and 16C/32C Ribbon fiber
▪ high force spring

▪ Telecom network 

▪ Ethernet network 

▪ Optical communication equipment

MPO 16 and 32C connector.jpg

Update time:2018-09-27
Update time:2018-09-27

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