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Fiber Optic Reflector
Reflector at 1650 nm reflects all wavelengths from 1645 to 1655nm. With its low insertion loss in the transmission wavelength range and high reflectivity in the reflection wavelength range it is the ideal optical termination for FTTX network link monitoring, FTTX reflectors are suitable for both point to point (PTP) and point to multipoint (PTMP) networks. Easy to install in the user's home, so as to determine the location of the optical path fault through different reflections of the test signal.
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▪ Wavelength selectable, high reflectivity;

▪ FBG in ceramic ferrule, not affected by dirt;

▪ Interacting with conventional adapters, very convenient to use;

▪ UL94-V0 fire rating and RoHs environmental requirements meet.




▪ Testing on communication system links

FBG  Reflector specification SC-APC(Plastic type).jpg

Update time:2018-12-24
Update time:2018-12-24

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