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Optical Fiber Reflector
The reflector for 1650 nm reflects all wavelengths from 1645 nm to 1655 nm. With its low insertion loss at the transmission wavelength range and high reflectance at the reflected wavelength range it is the ideal optical termination for link monitoring of FTTx networks , FTTx reflectors are suitable for both point to point (PTP) and point to multipoint (PTMP) networks. They are preferably installed at the subscriber’s homes in order to highlight these positions in the OTDR trace by distinct reflections of the test signal.
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▪ Wavelength optional
▪ Compact Design
▪ Shape similar to the attenuator
▪ High sensitivity
▪ FBG in the ceramic ferrule, not affected by dirt
▪ Mate with normal adapter, very convenient to use

▪ Create high reflectance at the termination of a PON without disturbing traffic
▪ Test reflectance from the central office
▪ Check optical continuity of subscriber when being added or when troubleshooting

Parameters 1650nm reflector
Reflection band(nm) 1645 1655
Transmission band(nm) 1260 1625
1260 1360 Insertion Loss(dB) 1.4
1460 1600 Insertion Loss(dB) 1.4
1600 1625 Insertion Loss(dB) 2.0
Refelct band insertion loss(dB) 20
1260 1360 Return Loss(dB) 35
1460 1580 Return Loss(dB) 35
1580 1620 Return Loss(dB) 30
1620 1625 Return Loss(dB) 20
Operating temperature( ) -25~70
Storage temperature( ) -40~85
Connector type SC/APC or SC/PC fixed Attenuator type

Update time:2018-12-24
Update time:2018-12-24

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