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Long Main Optical Cable Type PLC Splitter
This PLC fiber splitter with output trunk plus branch output, suitable for long distance wiring, 25M, 50M, 100M, etc. ABS PLC splitter is the most commonly used in PON network.
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ABS PLC splitter

Long main optical cable type 

HYC’s 8-1x2 ABS PLC Splitter integrates 8 1x2 PLC bare devices
into one ABS for reducing size and space. 8-1x2 PLC splitter
can be used independently without disturbing each other.



Low insertion loss

Low Insertion Loss,Low PDL. Wide wavelength range, excellent channel-to-channel uniformity. Uniform distribution of optical signal.

Flexible, easy-to-manage ABS package

Small size, with the splitter type of ABS box. ABS box package provides the complete protection for inner optical components and cable, as well as designed for the convenient and reliable installation.



Suitable for long distance cabling

Output trunk plus branch output, is suitable  for long distance wiring, 25M, 50M, 100M, etc.

Various choices


SC/FC/LC connectors can be selected as you like The length of the main cable can be also customized
4-1×4,8-1×2,8-2×2 more versions of splitters are available Fiber type G652D/G657A1/G657A2 are available upon request

​ABS PLC splitter is most commonly used in the PON networks. It is widely used with outdoor fiber distribution box for PON, FTTH, CATV networks







Parameter 8-1x2 8-2x2 4-1x4
Wave length (nm) 1260~1650
Fiber Type G652D/G657A1/G657A2/ Customer Requirement
IL (dB) ≦ 4.2 ≦ 4.5 ≦ 7.6
UF (dB) ≦ 0.5 ≦ 1.0 ≦ 0.8
RL (dB) ≧ 55 ≧ 55 ≧ 55
PDL (dB) ≦ 0.2 ≦ 0.3 ≦ 0.2
DIR (dB) ≧ 55 ≧ 55 ≧ 55
Cable Type Ø6mm Dual Jacket optical cable
Main cable length (M) 15/25/50/Customer Requirement
Connector type SC/FC/LC/Customer Requirement
package Dimension(L×W×H)(mm) 120×80×18
Storage Temp (℃) -40~85
Operation Temp (℃) -40~85
Update time:2019-03-11
Update time:2019-03-11

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