HYC Releases New LC Duplex Connector


​HYC new LC duplex connector ​ is designed to meet the increasing demand for small form factor, high-density fiber optic connectivity. The new LC duplex connector reduces space requirement by 1.4mm height, brings more convenient removal and easier switches of the polarity. LC connector is available in beige (multi mode), blue (single mode) and green ( SM APC) colors, and will accommodate 900μm buffered fiber, 2.00mm, or 3.00mm jacketed cable. With its excellent features, the connector may be used to help Telecom network, Ethernet network and Optical communication equipment manufacturers achieve greater space and cost savings.


HYC new LC duplex connector is a common used connector which applied with zipcode cable. Compared to the conventional duplex connector, the new design is more compact. The total height doesn't exceed the adapter, and an extended latch makes the removal easier.


LC Connector Features
▪ An extended press latch, easier to remove
▪ Compact height, not exceed the adapter
▪ Easy polarity switching
▪ PC/APC and Various color available
▪ Various boot available
▪ Applied to 0.9/2.0/3.0mm cable
OEM is welcome
▪ IEC61754-20 and GR-326-Core complaint
▪ RoHS/REACH&UL94-V0 inflammability complaint



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