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Quality System

Based on the requirement of product quality assurance, HYC introduced ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System in ……

Lab Environment

HYC is very strict in control of experiment and production environment, in order to provide high-quality products……

Testing Equipment

HYC pay great attention on testing and certification control procedure. To guarantee products reliability and ……

International Certification

HYC actively participate in all kinds of Fiber Industrial International Certifications, to provide a long term……

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HYC Co.,Ltd(Abbrev HYC)is a national Hi-tech optoelectronics company engaged in R&D, manufacture and marketing of fiber optical products.


Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Mission — Leading the development of the fiber optical communication industry, providing the most competitive products and service to global Telecom Operators, Continuing to create value for the industry and society;

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New Product - 1×N MEMS Optical Switch


​With the rapid development of optical fiber, the traditional communication devices with electricity as the core is hard to meet the needs of high-speed and large-capacity optical communication network. MEMS optical switch has become one of the important devices in all optical communication network due to its small size, easy integration and large capacity.

AfricaCom 2019, 12-14 Nov 2019 | HYC


Interested in 5G network solutions, high-speed and dense connectivity solutions, high-reliability data transmission? Come and meet HYC at AfricaCom 2019 on 12-14 November, Cape Town International Convention Centre(CTICC), Cape Town, South Africa. AfricaCom is the biggest, best and most influential tech and telecom event on the continent. This international event attracts companies from across the world and is the place to meet everybody who’s anybody in African telecoms and technology.

360°Ferrule Rotation Adjustable Polarization Maintaining(PM) Optical Fiber Connector


To meet the requirements of some special applications, HYC has developed a new type of polarization maintaining connector. HYC's exclusive patented design of this polarization-maintaining connector has a 360° ferrule adjustable. During the process of assembling, the polarization axis of fiber is aligned with the connector key by rotating the ferrule until the polarization axis is aligned with the connector’s keyway.


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