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The CWDM MUX&DEMUX ABS module of HYC is a wavelength division multiplexing technology based on TFF (thin film filter), which has a variety of package sizes and wavelength options; It MUX the optical signals of different wavelengths to a single optical fiber for transmission, and the receiving end uses the DEMUX to decompose the signals in the optical fiber into signals of different wavelengths; Because of the advantages of CWDM, such as wide band and low requirement for system equipment, it has occupied an important position in the access layer of MAN, and is widely used in telecommunications, enterprise network, campus network and other fields.
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Excellent Performance Parameters (WDM systems with low loss and high isolation)

Lower Insertion Loss

Lower insertion loss makes CWDM ABS module have lower signal attenuation in operation, thus reducing the power requirement of signal transmitter.

Higher Isolation

The higher isolation value enables sufficient signal isolation during multi-signal transmission in the CWDM ABS module, effectively preventing crosstalk between signals and causing distortion of the transmission signal.

Mature Production Technology

The CWDM MUX&DEMUX ABS module of HYC has mature production technology, stable and reliable performance, supports the work in the harsh environment of - 40 ~+85 ℃, and ensures the stable transmission of signals.

Compliance with International Standards

The CWDM MUX&DEMUX ABS module of HYC conforms to RoHS, Satisfies TelcordiaGR-1209 and GR-1221.

CWDM MUX&DEMUX ABS Module_18.jpg
  • GR-1209 standard
  • GR-1221 standard
  • RoHS-02.png


The CWDM MUX&DEMUX ABS module type of HYC has a variety of package sizes and wavelength options. It can also customize single or double-fiber transmission, extension port, monitoring port and so on according to customer requirements.

Package sizes is optional

CWDM MUX&DEMUX ABS Module_26.jpg CWDM MUX&DEMUX ABS Module_30.jpg
CWDM MUX&DEMUX ABS Module_28.jpg CWDM MUX&DEMUX ABS Module_32.jpg

Optical path structure is optional;Customizable

CWDM MUX&DEMUX ABS Module_39.jpg

Single Fiber Bidirectional Transmission Mode
The wavelength of MUX and DEMUX is different

CWDM MUX&DEMUX ABS Module_40.jpg

Dual Fiber Bidirectional Transmission Mode
The wavelength of MUX and DEMUX is the same

CWDM MUX&DEMUX ABS module products are easy to install, low insertion loss, high channel isolation and high environmental stability and reliability, which support single and dual-fiber transmission; Because CWDM has low requirements for lasers and supporting equipment, it directly reduces the cost of operators, It occupies an important position in Metropolitan Area Network(MAN) access layer and is widely used in telecommunications, radio and television, enterprise network, campus network and other fields.


Telecom network


Ethernet network


School network

Items Unit CWDM MUX&DEMUX ABS Module
Channels CH
2 4 8 12 16 18
Operating wavelength nm
1260~1650 & 1460~1650
Transmission band nm ±6.5、±7.0、±7.5
Transmission band insertion loss dB ≤1.0 ≤1.5 ≤2.5 ≤2.5(with skip) ≤3.0(with skip) ≤3.5(with skip)

Transmission Adjacent Isolation
dB ≥30
Transmission Non-adjacent isolation dB ≥45
Return loss dB ≥45
Directivity dB ≥50
Ripple dB ≥0.5
Package dimension mm L120xW80xH18、L120xW80xH10、L100xW80xH10    MINI:L100xW45xH10、L80xW60xH12
Operating temperature -40~+85
Fiber type 900um loose tube(or customize)
Connector type LC/PC(or customize)
Update time:2019-07-25
Update time:2019-07-25

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