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MPO/MTP Patch Cord
Fiber patch cord, which is one of the passive products for optical network construction, is to add optical fiber connectors at both ends of an optical cable to realize the quick connection between optical network equipment and equipment, between equipment and patch cord. It is easy to operate, convenient and fast. HYC can provide all kinds of MPO/MTP patch cord products. The transmission mode, optical cable type and connector type can be arbitrarily matched. It has the advantages of stable transmission, high reliability and customization. It is widely used in optical network scenarios such as Backbone Network, ODF and Data Center etc.
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High quality, 100% Tested

The MPO/MTP patch cords provided by HYC are 100% tested, which meets product standards and meets customer needs.

  • MPO/MTP Patch Cord_03.jpg

    Il and return loss tested

  • MPO/MTP Patch Cord_05.jpg

    MPO / MTP polarity tested

  • MPO/MTP Patch Cord_07.jpg

    Connector 3D tested

  • MPO/MTP Patch Cord_07-04.jpg

    Ferrule end face inspected

High quality ferrules

The MPO / MTP patch cords is made of high quality ferrules, professional grinding technology, and precise end connection of the fiber end faces, which makes the transmission more stable and the connection more efficient.


Stable parameter performance

The MPO / MTP patch cord provided by HYC meets the operating environment of-25~70 °C, More than 1,000 mating durability tests on average, stable performance and reliable quality.

Breakout Patch Cord_16.jpg

Operating temperature: -25~70℃

Insert-pull test: ≥1000 times

Multiple styles and can be customized

HYC provides a variety of MPO/MTP patch cords, and can also be customized.

Mold cores Ferrule type Housing color Fiber Type
SM 8 core UPC Beige Ribbon fiber
12 core yellow φ3.0mm
16 core Green φ3.6mm
MM 24 core APC Rose red φ4.0mm
32 core Aqua φ5.0mm
..... ..... ......


  • MPO/MTP Patch Cord_19.jpg

    MPO-MPO (Push-Pull) 32 core
    3.0mm patch cord

  • MPO/MTP Patch Cord_19-08.jpg

    MPO-MPO SM 12 core
    3.0mm patch cord

  • MPO/MTP Patch Cord_19-09.jpg

    MPO-MPO OM3 16 core
    3.0mm patch cord

Difference between 12&24 and 16&32 core MPO connectors

The difference between 12/24F MPO Connector and 16/32F MPO Connector is the place of the key which is in the middle of 12/24F MPO Connector and in the right of 16/32F Connector.

  • MPO/MTP Patch Cord_28.jpg

    12/24F MPO Connector

  • MPO/MTP Patch Cord_28-11.jpg

    16/32F MPO Connector

The Examples of MPO / MTP polarity classification

MPO/MTP Patch Cord_38.jpgMPO/MTP Patch Cord_41.jpgMPO/MTP Patch Cord_43.jpg

Compliance with international standards

The MPO/MTP patch cords provided by HYC can meet Telcordia GR 326 or IEC 61300-2; it is compliant with RoHS, IEC 61754-7, IEC 61753-1, IEC61300-3-4 and other standards.

MPO/MTP Patch Cord_46.jpg

GR 326 or IEC 61300-2 ROHS.jpg IEC 61753-1 IEC 61754-7

The MPO/MTP patch cord provided by HYC has the advantages of stable transmission, high reliability and customization, and is an ideal optical fiber distribution product in high density environment; It is widely used in optical network scenarios such as Backbone Network, ODF and Data Center etc.



Data center.jpg

Data center


Backbone Network

Items MTP/MPO(Elite) MTP/MPO(Std) 
Insertion Loss SM MM SM MM
8F,12F 24F 8F,12F,16F 24F,32F 8F,12F 24F 8F,12F,16F 24F,32F
≤0.5dB ≤0.7dB ≤0.7dB ​≤1.0dB ≤1.4dB ≤1.4dB
Return Loss ≥50dB ≥20dB ≥50dB ≥20dB
Durability 50 times
Operation temperature -25℃~+70℃
Fiber Type OS2/OM1/OM2/OM3/OM4/OM5
Update time:2020-01-09
Update time:2020-01-09

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