Testing Equipment

HYC pays utmost attention on procedures of testing and certification by introducing international advanced automated testing equipment, owning a professional testing laboratory and experienced team. We strictly implements international and domestic industry standards on our testing and daily quality control issued with professional testing report. We possess international famous brand testing machines such as Agilent from America, Data-pixel from France, Santec and YOKOGAWA of Japan, JGR of Canada...

  • ▪  Telcordia Professional Mechanical

       Testing Equipment.

    ▪  Telcordia Professional Environment

       Testing Equipment.

  • ▪  World famous polishing and

       processing equipment.

    ▪  World famous polishing and

       processing equipment.

  • ▪  Imported high precision dimension

       Testing Equipment.

    ▪  Regular Calibration.

  • ▪  IL, RL, Interferometer and End-face

       Checking all using the World Famous

       Brand Equipment.

Patch cord testing equipment

  • 6369784625875154002582731.jpg

    MPO/MTP 3D Interferometer

  • 6369784628867341502674992.jpg

    Single-core3D interferometer

  • 6369784629995466506994716.jpg

    Koncentrik Concentricity tester

  • 检测设备_10.jpg

    3D Interferometer

  • 检测设备_17.jpg

    MPO/MTP Polarity tester

  • 检测设备_18.jpg

    JGR Multichannel IL and RL tester

  • 6369784632670466505889107.jpg

    Endface Inspector

  • 6369817860386091502479651.jpg

    PM Angle tester

  • 检测设备_26.jpg

    AI IL and RL tester

  • 6369784706954841501479949.jpg


WDM testing equipment

  • 检测设备_30.jpg

    C+L Band tunable laser source

  • 检测设备_29.jpg

    600~1700nm OSA

  • 检测设备_34.jpg

    O-Band tunable laser source

  • 检测设备_33.jpg

    C-Band tunable laser source & Multichannel IL tester

  • 检测设备_38.jpg

    C-band tunable laser source

  • 检测设备_37.jpg

    62S Fiber fusion splicer

  • 检测设备_42.jpg

    IL and RL tester

  • 检测设备_41.jpg


PLC testing equipment

  • 检测设备_46.jpg

    AI Multichannel IL tester

  • 检测设备_45.jpg

    Multichannel RL tester

Raw material testing equipment

  • 6369784692651716501343925.jpg

    Rational-WH Video measuring system

  • 6369784693039216504926757.jpg

    RoHS tester

  • 检测设备_53.jpg

    Ferrule concentricity tester

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