Lab Environment

HYC is very strict in control of experiment and production environment, in order to provide high-quality products to customers, the first one in the same industry to build a 100K level dust-free workshop and certified laboratory to ensure production and testing environment in high standard requirement.

At present, the international reliability standards for the operation of HYC laboratory are as follows:

  • ▪ Telcordia GR-63

    ▪ Telcordia GR-1435

    ▪ IEC- 61300-2-7

  • ▪ Telcordia GR-326

    ▪ Telcordia GR-1209

    ▪ IEC-61300-2-22

  • ▪ Telcordia GR-486

    ▪ Telcordia GR-1221

    ▪ IEC-61753-1

  • ▪ Telcordia GR-910

    ▪ IEC- 61300-2-6

Lab Environment

  • 6369775961009529006503442.png

    Terchy High and low temperature circulation test chamber

  • 6369775961523591504108407.png

    Terchy Temperature humidity test chamber

  • 6369775961956404003597569.png

    Terchy High temperature test chamber

  • 实验环境12.jpg

    Water pressure test chamber

  • 6369820305592341508737778.png

    On-line environmental test combination

  • 实验环境_19.jpg

    High power test

  • 实验环境24.jpg

    Salt spray test

  • 实验环境27.jpg

    Vibration Test

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